New Pavilion, Barnes Park

As you will probably be aware, the Parish Council has for sometime been working on a project to replace the Pavilion in Barnes Park with a general purpose facility available for general community use as well as for sporting use.
A design has been agreed and tenders have been sought. A preferred contractor has been identified and a final price for the project determined. At this stage, details of the costs of the project cannot be revealed as they are commercially sensitive.
The project is at a crucial stage and time is of the essence in order to meet deadlines set by funders. The majority of the funding is in place and grant applications are being submitted to cover the remainder of the funding and the Parish Council is hopeful that these will be successful. In the event however, that they are not successful, or if confirmation from the grant funders has not been received, the Parish Council propose to underwrite the outstanding costs to ensure that the project can proceed. It would do so by taking out a Public Works Loan Board loan for the amount of the shortfall. Should all grant funding be approved, the loan would not be necessary. The Parish Council hope that you will agree with this approach in order that this much needed facility can finally be provided. If you have any thoughts or views on the proposal, please email the Parish Council at [email protected]