Dog fouling and litter problems in Barnes Park

Concerns have been raised with the Parish Council over the amount litter that is being left in the Park and also level of dog fouling which is occurring. The Parish Council does its best to keep these issues under control by providing both litter and dog waste bins in the Park. The Council also employs a Streetcleaner and Park Attendant who also helps keep the Park clear of litter and dog mess. However, both issues remain a persistent problem which potentially puts people off using the Park. The minority who leave litter or let their dogs foul in the Park are in danger of spoiling use of the Park for the majority who obey the law.

The Parish Council would therefore request that all users of the Park make use of the litter and dog bins provided.  If you see someone deliberately dropping litter, please report it to the Parish Council. If you see someone allowing their dog to foul in the Park (or elsewhere for that matter), please report this to North East Derbyshire District Council’s Environmental Health Team who can then investigate and take action where appropriate. You can report incidents on line by clicking here. Alternatively, you can telephone them on 01246 231111. Your assistance and co-operation would be greatly appreciated.